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I am using the iPad version of Affinity Photo on an iPad Pro 10.5 inch with an Apple Pencil. From what I have read, it is the same as the Mac version, except that the iPad version has been optimized for touch, mobile hardware and to be able to use the Apple Pencil with the software.

Before delving into my initial impressions, I wanted to briefly say why I ended up buying and using Photo. Iíve always liked using Photoshop and have paid for full versions and later on paying for the subscription version of Photoshop. Iíd have to say I never had any qualms or complaints about having to pay into Adobeís subcription service, because I was able to have a current version of Photoshop without having to pluck down a lot of coin all at once. But, after awhile, paying $120 a year for Photoshop (and as I soon realized for years to come) and not using it that much started to not make sense to me. So, I canceled the subscription and bought the stand alone version of Lightroom 6. Lightroom never really grew on me like Photoshop had. So, I started looking around for photo editing software that did not require a subscription. Most of the ones I found and liked had system requirements that put my ancient desktop to shame and I wasnít up to spending a lot of money on a new computer. I discovered Affinity and found that they sold a version of Photo for the iPad that was the same as their desktop version. A one time charge of $19.99, no subscription and all the updates I could handle was something I could do. Since I had an iPad, I made the purchase.

I have only begun to dig into Photo, but what I have seen so far, I like a lot. For example, it does panoramas very well. I have mostly done 3-5 image panoramas to create a larger picture. It renders the picture very quickly on my iPad. I havenít noticed any distortion and I havenít had to do much tweaking to shadows, levels, exposure, etc to get the picture just right. Image quality remains the same as if I had taken the picture right then with my camera. I made a pano with 18 pictures (using the original RAW pics) to see how well my iPad would chew on that and it rendered the pano in less than a minute. Compared to Lightroom, Photo kills it in the pano department.

I havenít been too impressed with the HDR part of the program. It seems to be hit and miss. I did a couple of HDR pictures and they turned out great with minimal adjustments afterwards. Others seemed flat, washed out and looking like I took the picture through a screen cover for a window. If the picture has really bight and really dark areas, the final product isnít that great. Though compared to Lightroom, it does a better job. I am still playing around with this part of Photo, so perhaps there is some feature I have missed that makes the pictures look better in Photo.

I am still playing around with it, but it seems like Photo does a good job with converting color pictures to black and white photos. Seems like it does a good job so far with making adjustments to black and whites.

I have been using Photo with an Apple Pencil and it makes quite the difference over using fingers. I have much more control of the adjustments I want to make.

I have yet to play around with the drawing tools. Sometime....

It does have a bit of a learning curve to it, but having used Photoshop in the past, I have been able to pick it up rather quickly. Affinity has quite a few tutorials on YouTube for those who need some visual how toís.

So far it has been a very stable program. Photo processes stuff very quickly, considering I am using a mobile device. It is much faster than the version of Lightroom that I have been using the last few years. No crashing, freezing, or any other type of hiccups I have read about that has affected the Windows version. I have not used the Mac version, though I did see that it will run just fine on my ancient iMac. Iíll have to pay the $49.99 and give it test.

Iíll have to give an update on how I like it in a few months.

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