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Alleged Sockpuppet!
PostThu Dec 06, 2018 7:39 am 
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Hmmmm, I just remembered I did not lock my pickup up last night.  It's been OK in the past whilst living here when I forgot.

My house (mobile home) was broken into when I was younger and fairly poor.  The &^% used something to lever and break the door latch.  That pissed me off because he could just as easily climbed in through one of the wide open windows without harm.

I had to pay to get my door fixed.  I didn't have a lot of money but I did have a good job.  It still made me furious because of the door being broken.  The thief didn't get much because I came home while he was still inside and he got out the door while I was trying to figure out why my house was smoky inside.  He'd been lighting matches to see stuff.

I completely lost my temper and was all set to kill the guy if I found him.  This will seem funny to most, but it was the way it was.  The dispatcher asked me if I had the thing that must not be mentioned.  I said that I did and it was in reach and loaded.  The dispatcher said that was good and the cops were on their way.

I just lose it when something is stolen from me.  I try to remember what my mom told me when my shoes were stolen from the junior high locker room--that somebody needed them worse than I did and we could get another pair.

I vote for having the thieves clean up the woods for a few years.  Haul off the garbage, bury the poop, and clean the outhouses.  They should have to wear distinctive clothing with stripes.

What's especially fun about sock puppets is that you can make each one unique and individual, so that they each have special characters. And they don't have to be human––animals and aliens are great possibilities
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