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With shorter days and cooler temperatures I get lazier and lazier for winter, so I choose another small objective. In good years even before Halloween I already get opportunities for decent snowshoe trips, but this year, yet again, autumn is dry and snow is lacking. Anyway...

Due to general laziness and how insanely long the unpaved road through Cambell Global forest is, we only got to the 'trailhead' (end of road) at around 10:30. Despite the length (and super sad views of logged forests everywhere), the road through private property is in really good conditions, but deteriorates quite a bit after entering national forest boundary. Once entering national forest boundary we passed by 3 cars at the Bear mountain trail and also a couple of people shooting at one of the turns.

Road NF-5700 is washed out shortly after Bear mountain TH. There are three bridges to walk across, with the first one most deteriorating and full of large holes. Looks like during summer someone trimmed most of the brush along the road making the road walk really easy and fast. There are several (unsigned) side trails to unknown (to me) destinations as we bypassed all of them continuing on the road all the way to its end and the start of (unsigned) Lennox Creek trail.

Similarly to the road, Lennox Creek trail has somewhat of bootpathy feel, but well maintained. Someone clipped some of the brush and flags are put literally every 10 feet or so. I have never seen trail as excessively marked. Probably it is really much harder to see it in summer, when brush is not dead for winter yet.

There is really no snow to see until 5000 feet or so, but starting 4200 feet or so the whole mountain basically becomes giant slabs of granite covered by super hard ice. You do not want to slip there (I did a couple of times and have scars to prove it). Thin layer of snow above the ice, where exist, is also very hard. We noticed some recent deer and bear footprints in this snow too.

And lots of lots of fresh frozen hedgehog mushrooms. I never seen such vast amounts of them. I took some and they made for a really great breakfast and lunch and dinner the next day.

From Dog mountain we dropped back to Anderson Pass and all the way down to Anderson lake. Anderson lake is really kind of swampy and not super interesting, but still not a bad place to check out. From there we climbed back up to and returned back the same way.

P.S. So by now looks like Cookie climbed many dog related geographic features in WA.

1 Dog mountain (one near Columbia river famous for flowers in spring)
2 Another Dog mountain (this one)
3 K9 mountain near Stevens Pass
4 Klone peak in Entiat (according to wikipedia named after Klone the dog of A.H. Sylvester)
5 Mac peak (according to rumors I have no confirmation of also named after a dog)
6 Poodle dog pass (near Silver lake/Monte Cristo area)

Are there any other dog related hikes you could recommend her? What is she missing?
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Forum Index > Trip Reports > Anderson Lake + Dog Mountain 2 nov 2019
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