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Jonny V

PostSun Jul 26, 2020 7:12 pm 
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Tamanos is one of many sub peaks that surround the immense volcano of Mount Rainier. I've climbed numerous peaks surrounding The Mountain over the years and this one is right up there with the best of them. I had been up to the summit one other time way back in 1993 and this would be Gregís first time on Tamanos.

Neighbor Greg and I left Lake Stevens at 5AM and got to the trailhead just inside the Sunrise entrance to Mount Rainier National Park at 7:15AM. There were several cars there on this Saturday morning but plenty of spaces left.

The trail was was incredibly smooth and gently graded for the first three and a half miles to Owyhigh Lakes. Just before reaching the lakes, the trail gradually left the woods. Immediately we were greeted with an insane display of flowers of every shape, size and color that didnít stop all the way to the summit of Tamanos. Soon we arrived at the lovely Owyhigh Lakes.
Flower show

Colors galore
Owyhigh Lakes with Governor's Ridge and Barrier Peak behind

Beyond the lakes we began to see a high, meadowy ridge which is where we were headed. The side trail leading up is very obvious and not hard to find.
First meadow beyond Owyhigh Lakes. The trail goes to the saddle on the right

This is where the steeper climbing began. There were no switchbacks, just a deeply rutted route straight up towards the ridge. Despite the angle, the hiking seemed easy as new vistas would appear with each step.
Coming up the meadows. Cowlitz Chimneys behind

After a bit of vertical gain we topped out at a saddle that provided us with our first in your face panorama of the incredible Mount Rainier.
The Mountain

Southeast from Rainier's summit we had a great view of Banshee Peak and the Cowlitz Chimneys. Wow! Greg and I had done an epic fifteen mile day several years ago to the summit of Banshee Peak so it was really cool to see it from this angle.
Cowlitz Chimneys and Banshee Peak

Once we hit the saddle we followed the edge of the ridge up to what would appear to be the summit, but itís not. From the rocky knob there is still a fairly easy scramble along a very rocky ridge line further to the north to reach the true summit. Most people donít bother with the scramble so we had the summit all to ourselves on a Saturday. Speaking of which, we saw quite a few people throughout the day and 100% donned their masks as we approached. It restored a little of my faith in humanity.

Neighbor Greg on the summit

With labels

Summit views

I just liked how this looked

Zombie skeleton scorpions attacking the summit

Tamanos provides an outstanding vantage point to see peaks both near and far. Beginning at Rainier and going clockwise, we could see Sunrise Visitor Center and Mt. Fremont, Shuksan, Glacier Peak, Lemah and Chickamin, The Stuart Range, Chinook Pass area, Governorís Ridge and Barrier Peak, the Goat Rocks, Mt Adams and even Mt. Hood in Oregon.

Mt. Adams

Rainier zoom

The Goat Rocks

The view south

The view east

Looking down to the saddle

The flowers in the high meadows were incredible!

Lower saddle and Cowlitz Chimneys

Paintbrush and Governor's Ridge

Moon over Governor's Ridge
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PostThu Jul 30, 2020 1:36 pm 
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Thanks for the many and superb photos!
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