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PostTue Jul 20, 2021 10:49 am 
This coming Thursday 7/22, I am planning on making an attempt to climb Cashmere Mountain. If anyone would like to join me, I would enjoy the company.

My plan is to take an off trail route up the SE face to the summit (described in 2015 by Brushbuffalo) then traversing over to Windy Pass to hike out on the Eightmile Lake trail or, time and energy permitting, also make an attempt to summit Eightmile Mountain.  I typically move much faster than most do on approaches, but am happy to slow down to whatever pace a partner would be going. I also would not be disappointed if the Eightmile attempt didn't happen.

From the information I gathered, the route is about 12.5 strenuous miles round trip.

Cashmere Mountain will likely involve some class 4 moves, so be prepared and able for those. Also make sure to bring a climbing helmet as the rocks can get pretty loose.

Ideally, I would like to leave the Eightmile trailhead around 5 AM Thursday. If you are interested, you can pitch a tent at my home in Wenatchee and we can carpool to the TH or we can just meet at the trailhead a little before 5.

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