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PostFri Mar 29, 2002 8:26 pm 
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Yay!  Waterfalls.  Yay!  Mud!  Lots of Mud!  Lots and lots of Mud!  Lots and lots get the idea.

I was trying to take advantage of my Spring Break and do some low-land 'fall bagging around Orting, but after striking out 3 times along Voight Creek, and not being able to locate the trail down to the old Carbon River railroad grade (near Carbonado), and a quick photo session at Victor Falls (near Orting, I'll post a link when I get the pictures back), I headed down to the Pack Forest to check out the falls on the Little Mashel River to see how they behaved with a full flow.

Pulling into the parking area (1 mile south of Eatonville along the Eatonville Cut-off Rd), there seemed to be even more trash on the ground than ever, obviously a popular dumping area.  A few feet along the path down to the railroad tracks, there looked to be an entire used clothing store thrown on the ground, wet and dirty.

The river looked pretty burly from the railroad tracks, and I noticed that it makes a pretty neat 180 degree bend right around one side of the old trestle before starting over the waterfalls.  Usually I hop down the shortcuts from the trestle and climb down next to Tom Tom Falls, but with the river high, and the rocks wet, it made it a little difficult.  There was a second channel of water that was a tad intimidating to cross (at the brink of the falls).  Once down to the base of Tom Tom, I shot some pics, reveled in the noise (pretty loud for a 25 foot falls), then slogged downstream in the mud.

The middle falls were brimming on spectacular.  There was an almost blinding spray coming off the rocks, and when I could actually see, I had to watch the rocks to make sure I didn't slip and break my butt.  Anyway, back to the falls, 125 feet tall, 50+ feet wide, much more impressive in high water (but more picturesque in low water).  New, since I was there last was a cross, obviously marking where someone had died after falling off the cliffs near the falls' brink.  Further proof these places are not for parties.

Then on to the lower falls, a 60 foot two channeled drop, which loooves to have it's pictures taken at any time of the year, especially with mossy vine maples framing the scene.  Then I hit my low point for the day.  I grabbed a sticker bush while trying to keep my balance sliding down a slope for pictures, and I still have one stubborn sticker in my finger as I type this.  Grr.

Then as I walked back up to the car, pausing to watch a few spastic hummingbirds, I noticed the 5 inches of mud building up on my boot soles.  I don't think I've ever seen so much mud.  You have been warned.

Bryan Swan
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