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Fred Beavon

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Post Wed Aug 10, 2005 9:58 am    McClellan Peak, 8364', by the scenic route
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The scenic route being via Aasgard Pass and the shangri-la like Upper Enchantments. I was up at 2am, left home at 3, left trailhead at 6. The route is quite simple in this open country. From above Crystal Lake, veer to the south to avoid cliffs. In regaining elevation again above Crystal Lake just aim for the obvious Prong right below the summit. There's pictures of it at the McClellan Peak page at Right below the Prong there's a loose gully one uses to access some rock scrambling on the east that leads to the ridge. The neat short horseshoe shaped ridge winds around to a pinnacle blocking the route to the base of the summit block. Just bypass the pinnacle on the right. I went up it on the return. The west side of McClellan is class 3/4, the east side being easier. So I went up the west side which is quite fun. It was all slabs to right below the summit, with many cracks for good hand and foot holds with a modicum amount of exposure, except off to the north where it drops precipitously. No snow enroute except some snowbanks I deliberately walked over. But that's not necessary. Running shoes worked fine.

McClellan is the best seat in the house for getting a close-up perspective on all the lakes in the area. From Lower and Upper Snow Lakes to the Upper Enchantments with the Lower Enchantments immediately below. Leprechaun Lake looked the most interesting because of its unusual shape. 5'40" up.

The register dates from 10/1/04, placed by Mick McDevitt. Others signed in were: (2) 10/7/04 Terry Richard, Outdoor Editor for The Oregonian, who did Cannon, Enchantment and McClellan in a day (3) 4/24/05 Stefan, Juan and Greg (4) 5/26/05 Jim Siegmann and Suzy Nolan (5) 7/3/05 Sean Martin #5/100 and Tom Sjolseth #56/100 (6) 7/7/05 Austin and Eric in a day (7) 7/18/05 Liz and Eric (8) 8/3/05 Greg Lewis #21/100. Day one he did Dragontail, day two Cannon, Enchantment and Little Annapurna, day three McClellan. 8/7/05 Warner Edelman and Joan Lawry.

I was planning on going down the east side of the summit for variety, but it just didn't look interesting. Going down the slabs on the west however, were just as fun as going up them. Returning, I didn't descend all the way to Crystal Lake but went up a gully to its north to access the Upper Enchantments. Once again I ran into a ptarmigan, this time with three babies. These seemed more wary but this time I petted one of the babies along with the mother. It didn't seem all that special the second time around. I would rather have run into some mountain goats.

Hiking back up through the Brisingamen Lakelets was an idyllic experience. There's a gorgeous waterfall near lakes Sigrun and Olrun, below Lake Brynhild. It's about five feet wide and perhaps a couple inches deep going over a slab. With sticky soles I climbed up the side of the steep slab right next to the falls. Another detour I took was walking the narrow strip of land between Lakes Brynhild and Reginleif. A must do.

Planning to get home before dark, I was at my car at 6 and home by 9. The only thing I should've done differently is leave my water at home, since water is plentiful en route, and taken the 6.5 ounce SteriPEN instead. It purifies 16 ounces of water in less than a minute using ultraviolet light. Quick and easy to use. No pumping. No chemicals. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to buying it yet. See Besides, the two full water bottles I lugged with me wasn't enough. Sorry about the commercial. Last week I drank a bottle's worth from a snowbank without treatment but didn't take the detour yesterday to that spot. 8/9/05
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(aka CascadeHiker)

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Post Wed Aug 10, 2005 5:13 pm   
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Great TR Fred.   up.gif I would like to do this one again as I don't have any pics from my summit back in 1973 (geez, thats like when the dinosaurs roamed the earth).  I remember we didn't use filters in those days and drank right out of the sources.  The water of Fantasia pond tasted wonderful on the hot august day we had.  Of course, I wouldn't do that today.  Too much has changed.  Be sure and sign the SP register when you get a chance, it needs some company.

Terry Richard also completed all of the Oregon county highpoints and has most of Washington. We did  Lincoln county's  highpoint  together, an interesting adventure in Oregon logging country.

Dean - working in Utah for awhile and feeling like it is a 'paid' vacation.
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