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Anne Elk

PostMon May 11, 2020 8:02 pm 
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Here's a challenging and fun time-waster for dog lovers: Take the Pup  Quiz

from the website: 
Darwin’s Dogs, a project of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, and U-Mass Medical School, has been conducting ancestry research on thousands of dogs, analyzing DNA saliva samples to tell us the genetic history of our canine companions.

In conjunction with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), the team had launched a “citizen science” survey. The data that was collected told us a lot about how people perceive breeds and mixes, how different breed mixes affect the appearance of a dog, how well people can guess their canine friends’ ancestries from looks alone, and how that might affect our lives with dogs.

The data collection for the research project has concluded, but you can still take the quiz and see how your canine breed ID skills stack up against the original participants.  I performed miserably (21%), but even the self-identified "dog professionals" only averaged 28%.

The idea is to ID the 3 breeds most prominent in each dog's DNA mix. You get immediate feedback, and can save/return to a partially done test.  I tried to do it thoughtfully and spent some time looking at pics of breeds in the choice list that I wasn't familiar with.  It was shocking in a few cases to see what the dominant breeds were - I couldn't see any resemblance at all.  In some instances, I'd correctly ID's some of the breeds present in the lower %'s, so it makes you wonder about various dominant/recessive traits.  There's one dog in the test named Ruby who's a dead-ringer for the dearly departed trail dog of member RubyWrangler.   Bet that's her!

Share your results here!

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