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PostSun Nov 21, 2021 9:04 am

From Wa Dept of Fish and Wildlife:

Officer Summit patrolled Minter Creek, finding a group of three subjects blatantly violating the closure zone. Two of the three subjects were contacted while the third attempted to slip away. He was also contacted and a total of nine salmon were seized. All were issued citations for fishing in the closed area. When Officer Summit went to enter the report into the system later that morning, he found that the subject who attempted to slip away was contacted and cited by officer Jewett for the same violation near Hoodsport only an hour and a half later.

During the second contact by Officer Jewett he noticed that he had salmon recorded from Minter Creek. When asked about the whereabouts of these fish, the subject advised Officer Jewett that he had given the fish away. This was not exactly true as they had been seized by Officer Summit. After being contacted and cited by two fish and wildlife officers on two different closed waterbodies, the individual wrecked his vehicle on Hwy 101 near potlatch. After such a bad-luck day, the subject may reconsider poaching in Pierce and Mason County streams.

One of the reasons hatchery zones are closed to fishing is that fish are travelling thousands of miles to make it back to their spawning grounds and at hatchery intake areas the already vulnerable and near spawning fish are slowly funneled which means they are easier to prey upon in an unsportsmanlike way.

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