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Faster than light

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Faster than light
PostWed Jul 20, 2022 9:34 pm 
I was listening to the radio while I worked today, and they did an episode about fire in the Methow, Okanogan, and across our state.  How people are adapting, dealing with the smoke, etc.

This is a radio show, but it's also available as a podcast.  Which means you can listen to it while driving to or from a trailhead.  The "5th season" episode isn't available yet online but probably will be tomorrow.

I haven't listened to this episode yet and can't comment yet but it is next on my list and may be interesting to some in here:

It's peak hiking season in the PNW. But who takes care of all our trails? (21 minutes)

Washington State has over 700 miles of hiking trails. With so much room to roam, keeping up with trail maintenance is a daunting task, and organizations like the forest service are constantly fighting a backlog of trails. But just what goes into trail maintenance? And what happens when trails are left unattended?


The fauna that define us (50 minutes)

Washington state is no stranger to majestic and awe-inspiring wildlife. Think of the orca, the bald eagle, the mighty salmon. But hiding in the cracks of our mountains and our cities lie creatures big and small, loving and annoying. Today, Soundside looks back on our favorite animal stories and how Washington balances

Anyway, I hope somebody finds this entertaining.

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