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PostWed Aug 04, 2010 1:51 pm 
Official Sites - source of much of the information here Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest - Alerts and Notices Road and Trail Conditions Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest - Current Conditions Olympic National Forest - new Current Conditions page is now available Olympic National Park - Current Road Conditions hotline 360-565-3131 Mt Rainier National Park - Current Road Conditions hotline 360-569-2211 press 2 then (2 for current road conditions or 3 for anticipated opening/construction projects) Gifford Pinchot National Forest - Alerts & Notices Washington State DOT - Mountain Passes Naches Ranger District - Conditions Wenatchee River Ranger District - Conditions In general, post in alphabetical order by common road name within each section unless there are more natural geographical groupings (e.g. North Fork XXX, South Fork XXX) Mount Rainier Corral Pass (FS 7174) ? Chinook Pass (SR 410) website Mowich Lake Road (SR 165) Mowich Lake, Spray Park, Echo/Observation Rock Snow free to the Paul Peak trailhead gate, snow-covered the rest of the way to Mowich. Limited parking at the trailhead due to snow and deep wheel ruts. (4-5-2014) Stevens Canyon Road per MRNP website and Road signs: Grand Park back door (06/19/2014) - 73 Huckleberry Creek is OPEN Watch for logging trucks. Will be CLOSED JULY 2 from 6 am - 5 pm I-90 Talapus (9030), Mason Lake (9031)? As of late November 20, 2015 Road 9030 off I-90 to Ira Spring trailhead (Mason Lake) has a partially downed tree which your vehicle will probably fit under just after the beginning of the unpaved section. 9030 was partially blocked by a downed tree just beyond the junction with road 9031 but someone drove past it. Road 9031 (Talapus Lake TH) has been cleared to trailhead - thanks to the man in black who did the work manually with an Axe! Any further updates appreciated. Cold Creek Road (9070) to Windy Pass and PCT 7-22-2022 Drove to Mt Catherine TH in Subaru Forester. Several sections of serious potholes. Two sections with parallel gullies along the length of the road. Once the fall rains start those gullies will collect water and I suspect serious road damage will result. Joey Tinkham (55), Garcia (9020) ? Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road (FS 56) Mailbox TH, Taylor River TH, Dingford Creek TH, Goldmyer Hot Springs 02/28/2022 Bessemer Creek at ~MP 10 washed out on January 20, 2022 but was still passable. But then on 02/28 another heavy rain and the self-rerouted creek finished the job. King County closed the road at the Pratt River Bar. The Goldmyer Access Report usually has updated road conditions. North Fork Snoqualmie Road (FS 57) Bare, Dog, Goat, Phelps, ... 10/01/2014 A $75 permit is required to access Hancock Timber lands along the North Fork road. The road is public and you can drive through Hancock lands to reach FS areas for free, but you can't park and climb Fuller or visit other attractions on their land without the permit. There was active logging on the North Fork in 2014 so the road has been graded and was in better shape than usual most of the summer. 05/01/2016 The USFS has blocked the road at the junction of the road heading up Lennox Creek. This adds about 3 miles of road walking to get to the Bare Mountain trailhead or other destinations up Lennox Creek Rocky Run (FS 4832) (no date?) Construction along I-90 has a stretch just past the Rocky Run bridge extra bumpy but passable to sedans. The spur (136 per Google Maps) to the backdoor TH is extra brushy but save for a nasty water channel right at the beginning and some moderate rutting about halfway in is still more or less drivable. Extra clearance would be good, don't take a car you don't want to add pinstripes to. Teanaway North Fork Teanaway road (9737) (5.3.2014, Opus) Driveable to nearly 4.5 miles past end of pavement, just beyond Johnson Medra trailhead. Potholes in the first 2 miles, better road after. Teanaway Middle Fork (NFD 113) Jack Creek Road (9738) Snow-free to 4,400ft (5/12/2018) Stafford Creek Road 9703 (5.17.2014, Opus) Snow free to the Miller Creek trailhead at the end. Rough in places. Beverly turnpike road (1391) (7.28.2021, Joey) Two bad spots washing out. We were very careful and did OK in a Subaru Forester. Low clearance might not make it. Jungle Creek (FS 9701) Teanaway Butte, Way Creek trail, Jungle Creek trail 6/19/11 (still true?) There is a "Road Closed" barrier 1.5 miles from the Twenty Nine Pines turn off. The problem is a partially washed out culvert but the road is still passable to a high clearance vehicle and in good condition from there all the way to Liar's Prairie. 6/12/16 There is a "Road Closed" sign at the beginning of the road. If there was a wash-out at 1.5mi, it has been repaired. Would need a high clearance vehicle with AWD to continue past the bumps and mud puddles at 1.7 miles. 6/3/11 Cle Elum Trails - road closures - the following Roads on the Cle Elum Ranger District are CLOSED due to ROAD DAMAGE
  • Taneum - Manastash Area
    • FSR 3350 - South Cle Elum Ridge Road closed at mp 1.6 to junction with Road 3350-119. It is unlikely that this road will open to public travel in 2011.
    • FSR 33 - Taneum Road - Closed mp 3.9, Taneum Guard Station to Road 3350-119 Junction.
    • FSR 3100 - Manastash Road - Closed mp 1.6, Manastash Sno-Park to Road 3111 Junction. It is unlikely that this road will open to public travel in 2011.
    • FSR 3120 near 3100 Junction. Damage reported. It is unlikely that this road will open to public travel in 2011.
    • FSR 3100 near Buck Meadows. Damage reported
    • FSR 4517-117 - Granite Creek Road. Damage reported
  • Cle Elum Valley - FSR 4308 - French Cabin at 120 Junction.
  • Cle Elum Valley Road NF-4330 As of 4/4/20, snow starts 1/2 mile from Salmon La Sac Rd junction. Snow is deep at time, but passable with 8 inch clearance vehicle. Snowmobilers continue to flatten wheel tracks, which helps. Think of softer snow later in the day.
  • Swauk and Liberty FSR 9707 - Pole Patch Road - two areas - First near spur 115, the second is near 4WD319.
  • Red Top Road FSR 9702 5/18/12 Reported to be open but a large truck was stuck in the snow in the middle of the road. The road is rough with patchy snow about a mile after the junction with FSR 9738
Teanaway Ridge/Jack Creek (FS 9738) ? Mountain Loop Mountain Loop Highway, Open, plowed winter of 2014 for Oso slide and Darrington access. Green Mtn Road (FS 41) - Tupso Pass, Three Fingers, Closed @ mile 8.6 due to damage to South Fork Canyon Creek bridge. No time line for repairs. Approx 10 miles to trail head @ Tupso Pass FS 4110, Green Mtn., Pot holed..more like craters. 6/4/14 FS 4111, Canyon Lake, Closed at mile 0 due to wash out. 6/4/14 FS 42, Mt Pilchuck, April 20, 2014, both gates open; half-mile of snow before trailhead. North Fork Sauk Road (FS 49), 7-20-2012, OPEN July 20 2012 yes its true 4096 Bedal Creek 10/27/12 High clearance recommended, brushed out. Call the Darrington Ranger District at 360-436-1155 for current information Segelsen Road (FS 18), Call the Darrington Ranger District at 360-436-1155 for current information. Pugh (2095), Closed (seasonal) Straight Creek Road (FS 27), Snow free to Crystal Lake/Meadow Mtn trail head. Lots of snow at Rat Trap Pass. 5/24/14 Suiattle River Road (FS 26) - Access to Glacier Peak Wilderness, opened Oct. 25, 2014. Also 6-mile spur to Green Mt. trailhead. As of 4/13/20, the road is passable to end at Sulphur Creek Campground. Tenas Creek Road (FS 2660), Closed @ mile 4 due to washout. 12/7/15 Whitechuck River Road (FS 23), Open C-Post Mt Higgens access. April, 2014: Flooded and closed due to Oso slide. Earlier, closed at mile 0.6 due to Illegal garbage dumping. Highway 2 & Leavenworth FSR #62 and roads to Persis trailhead - 02/13/2015 Gate reported CLOSED Sultan Basin Road, ? Beckler River Road (FS 65), ? Chiwawa River Road (FS 6200) Phelps Creek TH, Spider Gap, Buck Creek Pass
  • 6/6/20 - Gate at end of paved road (~3mi past Grouse Creek Campground) is open
  • 5/22/21 - Gate at end of paved road is closed
  • 6/4/22 - Gate at end of paved road is closed
Icicle Creek Road (FS 7600) - Chatter Creek, 4th of July Creek, Icicle Creek, Snow Lakes In Winter, usually closed to wheeled vehicles past the 8 Mile Road junction. 5/12/14 - Open all the way to the end of the road. Eight Mile Road (FS 7601) - Enchantments, Colchuck Lake Usually closed in winter to wheeled vehicles. 5/14/17 - Gate is open NFD 6024 - Baring Mountain Barclay Lake Road is clear and in good condition. Ranger Road (FS 7701) 6/6/20 - gate closed at bottom North Cascades and Baker, Mt Baker Ranger District Church Mountain (FR 3040), Open to end in 2015 Welcome Pass (FR 3060), ? Canyon Creek (FR 31) Repaired and reopened. Nov. 2013 Nooksack Road (FR 34), ? Deadhorse Road (FR 37), ? Middle Fork Nooksack (FR 38), ? Glacier Creek (FR 39), Fall of 2013, Road is fixed and open to Heliotrope Ridge trailhead. Thompson Creek (FR 3910) North Cascades Highway (SR 20), closed (April 2014) Cascade River Road (FR 15), From July 5-July 22, 2022 Cascade River Road will be closed to vehicle traffic at Eldorado, milepost 20, 3 miles from the trailhead. Foot traffic is allowed beyond the closure for most of the project timeframe. Sibley Creek, Hidden Lake (FR 1540), ? Illabot Creek Road (FR 16), 3/17/19: can drive with high clearance to 2.0 miles from hwy 530 before road is covered in slushy snow. Mt. St. Helens Due to a fire there is no longer a shelter at Marble Mountain Sno-Park. Forest Road 10 2012. Closed. Mitchell Peak north access - from DNR: "While the forestland is managed by DNR, the only access road to the trailhead—10 Road—cuts across private landownership, and the new landowner has gated and closed access to the road just east of the intersection with the S-1000 Road. DNR does not have a recreation easement for recreation access across this road. DNR land managers are working on a solution.In the meantime, the only access to Mitchell Peak trail is from the North Siouxon Creek Trailhead, in the southern part of the Siouxon Block. The distance from this trailhead to the top of Mitchell Peak is about 13 miles." Olympic Peninsula Olympic National Park - see current road conditions. Mount Baldy, Maynard Burn, Tyler Peak - FS 2870/120, ? Mount Ellinor, FR 24 and 2419 07-01-11From the T-intersection near Lake Cushman to the intersection with FR 2419 that heads up to the Mount Ellinor THs, FR 24 has many, deep potholes that are difficult to avoid. Some deep potholes on FR 2419. Mount Jupiter Road 05-20-11 Gate not far uphill from the powerline road was open on 05-20-11 and was able to drive all the way to the TH. Road is very rough with lots of 2-3 inch diameter sharp basalt. HOWEVER, the road is supposed to be closed, as I found out from people who had walked up to the TH. When I went by the gate there was no sign barring access, but upon exiting I found that someone had turned the sign around so the warning against access was not visible. Active logging is being done on the north side of Jupiter Ridge, and if you drive in when the gate is open, you risk being stuck inside behind a locked gate when the loggers leave for the day, or, maybe worse, meeting a logging truck on the road Yakima County/ Naches Ranger District S. Fork Tieton Road 1000 4/13/17 - Closed due to flood damage. Closed at intersection of 1050 road, washout is at Mile Post 11, approximately 1 miles before Conrad Meadows. Date of washout to be fixed is by Nov 1 2018 according to the district ranger. 2019 update: FIXED and open. wildcat 1306 road is closed ~.5 miles below lightning lake as of fall 2013. Repair work expected to begin in 2020 according to a forest engineer. McDaniel Lake/Buck Lake Road No. 1502 closed due to bridge wash-out approximately 1 mile past the junction with road 1500. This cuts off access to road 1509 and 130. The road is supposed to be fixed by Nov 1 2018. This has been repaired and is now open. 1504 road Rattlesnake closed about 1.5 miles from 1500 road. Unknown estimated repair date. This washout cuts off access to the rattlesnake trailhead. Mount Hood National Forest

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Just read US12 closed or closing from Packwood ro White Pass and SR 123 closed from White Pass to Cayuse Pass due to smoke from Goat Rocks fire eek.gif

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