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seeking tailwind

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seeking tailwind
PostWed Jun 19, 2013 5:42 pm 
As of 2021, I have hiked the Wonderland Trail 33 times. In 2012 I time lapsed the entire trail (101 miles including the alternate route over Spray Park). The series also includes "Wonderland Trail Water", all trail accessible year round water sources with lat/longs, and "Walkin' the Wonderland", 27 minutes of 3 camera panoramic video. You can also tour all the backcountry campsites with panoramic video and moving map display. If you want hand holding on how to plan your trip, there are other places to go. But essentially it comes down to this: how long do you have and how many miles per day can you hike with your equipment and load? Look at the map and figure out the mileage, taking into account the 22,000 feet of up and down your body will have to endure. I encourage anyone to contact me who may have specific questions that one can't glean from the myriad references that follow.
Wonderland Trail Complete Video Series
Wonderland Trail Backcountry Camps
Wonderland Trail Enhancement Series
Hiking the Wonderland Trail (original 2007 DVD)
My Wonderland   A short film about my 13 YO daughter hiking the Wonderland over 5 days...finalist at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival
The Original Selfie Stick   From the Seattle Times, conjecture that I may have "invented" the selfie stick.
Pain the Suffering: Wonderland Trail in 3 Days   A 3 part series of my 2009 hike when I wasn't in the best of shape
Wonderland Trail in 3 Days: 2020 (#32)   A 50 minute Vlog on my 2020 trip at age 65
Wonderland Trail in # Days: 2021 (#33)
Wonderland Trail Photo Gallery
Filming the entire Wonderland Trail    Accounts of how I time lapsed all 101 miles
Complete Video Guide   Links to all my videos
Willis Wall Blog   Ongoing articles of my sojourns, reviews etc
35 Years in Mt. Rainier National Park    Trip reports in 2018 of completing hiking every trail in the park and some history
Annual Compilations  A new series where I chronicle my park sojourns

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