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PostSun Jun 28, 2015 1:39 pm 
Hi everyone!

Posting this excellent link for fellow travelers.

It is a reference site that maps out trails from A to Z.  The details provided are second to none compared to anything I have found online to date. The information on the website is FREE with no gimmicks, ads, popups, or registration.

The following trails are currently posted in full detail:

*Camino Frances (Camino de Santiago)
*Camino Portuguese
*the Lycian Way (Turkey)
*Cappadocia (material should be uploaded by mid-July 2015)

GPS tracks, directions, where to stay, available services, attractions, communities, points of interest, pretty pictures, and more.

Most of the content available on this site wouldn't be possible without the tireless efforts of the community who traveled these trails. Users themselves keep the information up to date through the iPhone GPSapps.

I will update as new trails are introduced (it takes a lot of late nights uploading the data!)

Always ready to talk to about trekking.
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