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This is a fun little hike in the Mt. Washington area.  From the Upper Twin Falls trailhead, head up the usual Mt. Washington trail.  At the last of the switchbacks (elev. 2600) on the rocky old road/trail, there is a junction, sometimes marked by some sort of a sign.   For Mt. Wa head right, for Sallal and Kinnikinnick Point, head left.

This trail (actually a badly decayed logging road) soon rounds a ridge and passes under a cliff. Not long afterwords, another junction is encountered. The right hand trail makes a short, steep climb to Sallal Point, which has a commanding view out toward the North Bend valley. A jagged pinnacle of rock looms above.

Back down at the trail junction, continue the hike by following the left branching trail on the old road bed. Watch for an obscure foot trail branching right up the hill - this leads (or once led) steeply up to the old Great Wall Trail.  Not far beyond this point, you will arrive at a nice seasonal waterfall.

Past the falls, the trail arrives at an intact section of old road. Vine Maples show some nice color:

The road bed ends in a few hundred yards, and the boot trail takes an interesting course along the base of a mossy, drippy cliff:

When the cliff ends, the trail makes a short steep climb to the top of a ridge. Kinnikinnick Point is just a few steps away to the left.  It offers an impressive view up the S. Fork Snoqualmie valley. The cliff dropping away below the point is impressive and intimidating:

I enjoyed the short-ish hike up to the point during the weather break on Wednesday...a fun little getaway.

Map of the area:


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